Meet Katrien Haenebalcke

Katrien H.

What is your job within Container Centralen? I joined CC in March 2019 and work as a Key Account Manager for Belgium. As the commercial contact for customers and partners I listen to their needs, requests and have an important responsibility facilitating the communication with our company, I feel like I am a bridge from them to CC. The interaction with customers and the market is what counts for me. By creating strong and sustainable relationships, companies become partners more than customers or suppliers. Partnerships are the building blocks for a successful business and a greener world.

What do you like about your job? I enjoy the horticulture market, I like the contact with our customers and that I learn, develop and grow as an individual, whilst also helping the company to grow. I like moving forward, fully engaged. Our company has a strong focus towards sustainability. That’s what I believe in! Embracing change, being critical and making things happen so that we as a company can help this planet be greener and cleaner. With millions of plant containers in Europe I really believe we can have an important impact on CO2 emission and more sustainable supply chains. But to be able to get there, we need to collaborate, we need our market, our stakeholders, the government and our partners. Together we are so strong!

A characteristic you like about working at CC Working at CC is like being “one of the family”.

Can you tell something about a recent project? One of the projects I am involved in is “Customer Centricity”. With a few sales colleagues and the support of CC Management and the Change Team, we focus on customer communication, customer satisfaction and service levels. We embrace change, we find out what our market needs and how we can support their needs and expectations. In theory it should be simple: treat your customer in a way we as consumers would like to be treated. In practice, it is less simple but what a beautiful challenge to go for!

What are your hobbies outside work? As I am a creative person, I love poetry, photography, pottery, music and decorating my home. I enjoy long walks in nature, swimming, running and gardening. I am a real “outside”(the box)-woman! 😊 And last but not least… what most counts in my life is my family! I feel great with them around.

What can we wake you up for at night? For a good talk, at the campfire, candles, laughs and a good glass of red wine with my nearest dearest…oh yes, on a warm summer night in the middle of nowhere.

What are you proud of? I am proud of my smile and positive mindset!

What makes you happy (at work)? Teamwork!

How do you drink your coffee? Strong and with a little milk. I look forward to having coffee with my colleagues at the coffee machine in CC Hoofddorp, also with my customers when I visit.😊

What are your thoughts on working at home during the pandemic? Working from home is a good alternative during this tough period and I make the best of it. Of course I have to admit that I sometimes feel lonesome without my colleagues. Losing connection, fading faces, lonely coffee cups, virtual meetings instead of good morning smiles and a pat on the back? Yes, sometimes I feel a bit frustrated! 😊 What makes it all easier is the creativity, positive mindset and flexibility from you all. Colleagues, partners and customers: together we do great!