Gradually the balance between supply and demand will restore
CC Container in Intratuin

Peak season is coming to an endand even though we expect an increase in our stock, we do not forsee that the horticulture supply chain will immediately see sufficient availability of CC Containers to meet the demand. However, Container Centralen (CC) expects that during the next weeks the availability and stock versus demand, will restore to more balanced levels.

What does the current status mean for your business?
Priority will be given to damage exchanges, CC will strive to return to a repair process based on a “one for one” exchange of functional for non-functional where possible (subject to sufficient repair quota being in place). Customers can support this process by providing more insight into their forecast for the hand-in of non-functional material.
All customers with requests for additional material for new contracts will be contacted to discuss the requested volume and when it can be made available.

What global market developments are the root cause for the disruption?
It started with major transport delays to the delivery of spare parts in 2021, resulting in a significantly delayed start of production and repair of material. And in addition, due to developments around Ukraine, the CC repair program faced even more delays. Together these developments have negative effects on the CC supply chain.

What we can do to avoid similar challenges in the future?
CC has a vital and urgent request to all customers. Please plan your 2023 seasonal needs for additional CC Container and CC Eurocontainer material as soon as possible and contact CC to place your order.

The long lead times for the supply of materials is expected to continue. Therefore CC needs orders to be placed early so we can purchase sufficient material in time for next season.
For this and any future season, CC also recommends all users of CC Container material look to increase the amount of circulations or rotations they achieve by ensuring a more rapid return or, even better, a one for one exchange of material with customers and suppliers as much as possible. As a result more horticulture volume can be transported with the same amount of CC Containers.

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