Further Supply Chain disruption during peak season

The season of the horticultural sector is reaching its peak but unfortunately the latest developments within the Horticultural Supply Chain give little hope for sufficient support. There is substantially less than the requested containers in stock and this requires a lot of adaptability from a large group of our customers.

CC is currently making every effort to contact everyone affected by this development and to jointly look for a possible suitable solution. 

What difficulties do we face at the moment?

It started with major transport delays to the delivery of spare parts in 2021, resulting in a significantly delayed start of production and repair of material. And in addition, due to developments around Ukraine*, our repair program faced even more delays. Together these developments have negative effects on our supply chain.

What does this mean for your business?

All requests currently being made for additional material or new contracts will be put on-hold for the time being. We also had to implement some delays in the hand-out of functional material after the hand-in of broken items. This is the only way we can ensure that the disruption to our supply chain has the lowest impact on our customers.

For the season of 2022, CC recommends all users of CC Container material look to increase the amount of circulations they achieve by ensuring a more rapid return or, even better, a one for one exchange of material with customers and suppliers as much as possible.

* More details about what we did to try to catch up the time, please visit: www.container-centralen.com/supply-chain-development/

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