Inform us about your additional demand for CC Containers!

The peak season is taking longer to arrive. Weather conditions and an exceptional market situation strongly influence your and therefore our business. When the flower and plant trade goes into overdrive in the coming weeks, we prefer to be well prepared.

What are the expectations?
We assume that the additional increasing demand for flowers and plants in a shortened peak period, is going to create a peak demand for CC Containers from mid-April onwards.

What can you do?
If you foresee additional demand for CC Containers, we ask you to let us know your desired quantities and rental period as soon as possible. Currently, the material is still available and can be called off at our depots at short notice.

What does CC do?
We have brought extra functional CC container material to the Netherlands. These are in stock at the CC depot Hazerswoude. This allows us to deliver extra CC material to you faster for new contracts.

What are you looking for?

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