Depot Transfer Service

How to reduce empty truckloads

For a long time Container Centralen (CC) has been offering the Depot Transfer Service for our customers. With the Depot Transfer Service, CC offers its customers the option of handing in their CC Containers at Depot A and then picking up the same number of CC Containers at Depot B. This option saves you from transporting empty containers across Europe.

The Depot Transfer Service is one of the oldest services within Container Centralen. The main idea behind Depot Transfer Service is that by opening up our depots and enabling a balance transfer, we can reduce Co2 emissions and reduce empty container mileage. The main advantages of The Depot Transfer Service are:

  • Less Co2 emissions.
  • CC Container availability across Europe *
  • Extra services available, such as re-stacking and re-labeling the containers you deposit into CC Depot.
  • Functional material waiting for you or your trading partner at the collection depot.

*  All Depot Transfers are subject to availability at the collection depot

Planned Depot Transfer Arrangement

If you have regular planned Depot Transfers, CC can offer you a reduced tariff for the Depot Transfer Service. The reduced tariff has the following conditions:

  • A predictable inflow of containers – CC can quote against a regular expected flow per month
  • Sharing latest forecasts so we understand your needs which helps CC to provide the best service.
  • Fixed tariffs are available depending on the requested hand in and hand out depots

Please complete the form to apply for a Planned Depot Transfer Arrangement

Apply for Depot Transfer Services

For incidental or unplanned depot transfers, please contact  CC Customer Services. They will check the availability at the collection depot of your choice.

An incidental Depot Transfer in 2023 will have a flat rate of € 4.00/base and € 2.25/shelf across Europe. For any Depot Transfer to Royal FloraHolland an additional charge is applicable of €1.01/base and €0.26/shelf on top of the rate.

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