CC pop up depot service at Craigmarloch Nurseries
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We are delighted to announce that a CC pop up depot will be open at our partner Craigmarloch nurseries on 24th August.  If you have broken material to exchange, need additional CC items or just want to discuss your current contracts then please get in touch.

Pop up depot

Please make an appointment 

To ensure we have enough material in stock and to prevent you from having to wait, we work on appointment only. If you are interested in exchanging or collecting material at the pop up depot, please send us an email with the exact quantities you wish to exchange* or order on a new rental contract. 

One of our account coordinators will process your request and send the relevant paperwork for you to present on the day. Please let us know which day you will arrive and  AM or PM. 

We look forward to welcoming you! 

Team CC UK 

*  Please note: the shelf repair quota is 20% from 1st Mach 2020. More information can be found on our here.

If you have quantities to exchange which will take you over your quota for this yar please contact one of our account coordinators who will be happy to discuss alternative options. 

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