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CUBZZ conquers Belgium and then the world

‘Because every child deserves a chance!’

CUBZZ conquers Belgium and then the world

‘Because every child deserves a chance!’

    Every day, a person makes around 30,000 choices. From what to eat for breakfast to which telephone to buy and where to do your shopping. If your choices could make the world a better place and give a child the chance of a better life, without having to compromise on quality or user-friendliness, why would you do anything else?

    ‘I’m sure it can work’, says Wouter Cauwenbergh from Belgium (40) with determination. ‘I want to show people that together we can make a difference.’
    The founder of CUBZZ has been working hard on the creation of a cast-iron brand since October 2015. Not just a brand that you want because it’s cool, but because it makes the world a bit better, more pleasant and opens up opportunities. A brand that gets things moving. The profits from which are largely spent on children who have had an underprivileged start in life. Because not every child is offered opportunities.

    Am I the father I want to be?
    ‘In 2013, I had a wake-up call. I had just started work for a new employer. I’d had a pay rise, had a bigger car and more responsibility. But after a while, things didn’t feel right. I missed the gentle, social aspects and the satisfaction of my job. And when my daughter Cleo was born with a slight disability, I started asking myself ‘Am I father I want to be?’ I was always working and, when I was at home, I was often an unpleasant person. In fact, I was unhappy. Jack, Thor, Cleo and my wife deserved better than that and they needed me. I reflected on what I felt was really relevant in life and it turned out to be giving children opportunities. Not just my own children, but all children. That’s what I aim to achieve with CUBZZ.’

    Like cubs in the wild
    ‘A cub is the world for a baby lion. I compare children to cubs that play innocently on the Savannah. One day, they will become lions and their parents have to prepare them for that day. They are destined to be the king of the jungle. I see children as a treasure trove of potential. They are innocent and can’t influence the circumstances into which they are born. As an adult, I feel it is my moral duty to ensure that all children have the best possible start.

    CUBZZ is a purpose-driven business and uses a high percentage of its profits to boost existing charities that support children. It looks very closely at the charity’s efficiency and how it uses its money. CUBZZ sells A-brand quality products for the same price. There is no difference for the retailer in terms of whether it sells an ‘ordinary’ A-brand or a CUBZZ product. There are masses of consumer items for sale. From CUBZZ bread at Carrefour to CUBZZ coffee at Delhaize. At the moment, we are talking to Lidl. It’s great to see that such a huge chain of stores is engaged and committed to doing more than just ‘playing shops’, and knows it has a responsibility. And it’s not just the large supermarkets that sell our products; you can also find them in the smaller, independent retailers.

    Consumers have more power than they realise
    ‘As consumers, we must join forces. It sometimes feels as if we don’t dare to be collectively critical and can’t really make any deliberate decisions any more. While, in reality, we have all the power in the world. Come on, we can decide to do something different any time we like; we can make the difference. Buying a CUBZZ product costs no more in money or effort. And there is no difference in quality or service. The profits in absolute cash just go to the charity instead of shareholders with a more, more, more mentality.’

    Container Centralen has the same DNA
    ‘We love working with Container Centralen and find it very easy to use their dollies. What I really like is Container Centralen’s vision regarding sustainability and social significance. You may think that it’s ‘just’ an ordinary logistics business but, in our collaboration, they have shown another side entirely. They have shown real courage in collaborating with me and actively investing in this dream, and spreading the mission and story of CUBZZ. We share the same ideas; products and services are excellent, we make the difference with that extra step’

    Leading for the next generation
    ‘The perspective of wealth and ownership is slowly changing. My grandparents and parents had a drive to do better than their parents. My generation shares this ambition too. But what about my children’s generation, what will they wish for? You can see a shift from ownership to usage, but also that they want to make a statement by buying a certain type of product. This is something you should aim to do more often. This information gives me hope for the future. CUBZZ should not just get into the heads of people; it should be in their hearts too. Once again, I am sure that together we can and must do this. I genuinely hope that I can initiate a fly-wheel effect with CUBZZ and that we will be able to offer more and more children a better future!’

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    "CC and CUBZZ have the same DNA; products and services are excellent, we make the difference with that extra step"


    Wouter Cauwenbergh



    The Company
    CUBBZ sells top products with A-brand quality. It makes a profit as a result. Not for shareholders, but to give every child a chance.


    In order to highlight CUBZZ’s products to consumers in Belgian supermarkets, the company uses displays and dollies from Container Centralen. These are vital for the exposure of the products.


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