Linda Hagmann

Pool manager

“Within the DACH-region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), I focus on the Swiss market. I am of Swiss origin and our customers appreciate to speak to representatives in their native language. It’s a great service we like to provide. I came to the Netherlands seven years ago to live with my love and start a family. A former colleague drew my attention to a vacancy at Container Centralen. It practically had my name written all over because of my logistical expertise and cultural and linguistic background. And I am still very happy working for them.

Back when I started here, we were just reinventing and reorganising our way of working. We actually developed many of the processes we work with today. That is also where my strengths lie. I get bored when I have to do the same thing every day. I enjoy innovating and optimising our way of working and our services far more.

Fortunately, the DACH-team in Hoofddorp runs very smoothly, which works out very well for all of us. Everyone gets to work with their own strengths and talents. That’s why I now have dedicated hours to spend on innovation and projects. And my colleagues make sure our front office runs smoothly. This way, working for Container Centralen really allows you to be the best professional you can be.”