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Smart technologies mean a more efficient supply chain for you


RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is an established technology for tracking the movement of all kinds of goods and products. A small chip – a tag – placed on or in an item emits radio waves that can be read by a scanner. Container Centralen has equipped 3.5 million CC containers with RFID chips.

How you benefit from RFID technology
Container Centralen uses RFID technology to track and trace the movement of containers within our depots. Customers can also use our RFID technology to track and trace their containers. This eliminates any need to enter separately information about the type of container, location, destination, movement schedule and so on in your own information system. And this has a further benefit as well: you can use CC LogLink to share information about received containers directly with your ERP system. Using RFID gives you:

  • Fast and simple data input into your systems
  • Easy to check transfer and usage times
  • Always know where any container is
  • Use RFID information to optimize and automate your balance administration
  • A means to track goods that have apparently gone astray
  • Genuine, high quality CC containers each and every time

RFID tag Return Form

CC LogLink

CC LogLink is our web-based tool that helps you clearly see the transactions and the whereabouts of your containers and crates. You can choose to use CC LogLink as a single, standalone solution, or in combination with RFID scanners for automated administration and other benefits.

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