Container Centralen (CC) Pool Management Services are dedicated to optimising your supply chain, reducing your costs and protecting the value of your investment. Our Services are tailor-made to suit your business needs.

CC Pool Management applies to any type of reusable transport item; a crate, container or other load carrier. In addition we offer a range of solutions to help customers to optimise their supply chain.

We use smart technology like RFID to help optimise the performance of a pool and we tailor pool management solution to fit your needs. It starts with understanding your business and the areas you would like to improve. Through a project management approach we will work closely with you to implement the best solution for your business.

Key elements of a CC Pool management solution:

• Availability Management

• Balance Management

• Logistics Services – storage, handling and return transport

• Track and Trace Technology (RFID)

• Performance Management – KPI backed optimisation

• Account Management