Announcement counterfeit CC labels

Recognising counterfeit CC labels, April 2019

Please note: visual recognising a fake label is not always possible. Counterfeiters will improve the visual appearance of fake labels. This leaflet gives an overview of counterfeits as discovered in April 2019. Download: Recognising counterfeit CC labels [PDF]

Scanning the RFID chip

Original labels can be scanned and checked.

Fake labels do not have an RFID antenna and can not be scanned.

Procedure counterfeit labels at depots

  1. Counterfeit, fake labels will be removed from the containers
  2. The containers will be rejected – unless a customer want to add the containers to his contract
  3. It will be registered which customer handed in which number of fake labels

Recognising counterfeit CC labels front side

ecognising counterfeit CC labels front side