The CC Pool System: a return system for all

How the CC Pool System works

The CC Pool System is an open pool system that saves you money in your supply chain:

  • You join the CC Pool System, hire the returnable transport item (RTI) you need, and fill it with the product you want to ship.
  • The same RTI arrives at your customer’s location, where it is either moved into storage or onto the shop floor as a temporary merchandising unit.
  • Empty RTIs are returned via your supply chain. Most of the transport items can be folded or nested, which increases the number that can be moved in one transfer. This reduces storage and transport costs.

The CC Pool System: a return system for all

The basic concept of the CC Pool System is the ability to freely exchange returnable transport items or RTIs. This CC Transfer Service saves you time, transport costs, and administration by letting you reassign or ‘virtually move’ empty CC transport items from one CC Depot to another, anywhere in Europe. From where you no longer need them to where you do. You can swap empty CC transport items for full – or the other way around – all the way through the supply chain. This is what we call 1:1 Exchange. This simplifies administration and so reduces your costs further.

  • Transfer items all over Europe from just one CC Depot location.
  • Simply hand in your transport items at one CC location and we will administratively transfer them to another CC Depot in Europe – crediting them to your account or the account of your nominated partner.
  • Reduce your transport miles, save time, and minimize your administration.
  • Reduce the number of returnable transport items – wheeled containers and pallets, trolleys, crates, and other load carriers – in your supply chain.
  • Take advantage of preferential rates by planning with us in advance.
  • Annual pool fee covers repair and maintenance – and even complete replacement of badly damaged containers.
Backyard Management: This service returns transport items as fast as possible to their respective owners for further use, while also keeping retailers’ return centers nicely empty.

Supply Chain Management Services: This service is the same as Backyard Management with the addition of actively managing stocks and availability of returnable transport items, so adding value to supply chain processes. Container Centralen delivers its Supply Chain Management Services by:

  • Providing a network of partner depots for the collection, return and onward dispatch of returnable transport items
  • Registering transactions of transport items between partners
  • Keeping balances that set out the credits and debts of all partners
  • Running smart ordering and allocation systems

By combining balances and stock information in our planning system, we actively manage the demand and supply of empty returnable transport items.
We offer both short and long term hire options, in line with your requirements and what suits your business model best.

  • Short term hire: This can range from 4 weeks to 12 months and you can hire extra transport items on the same terms to cover your needs during peak periods. Based on your demand planning, we make sure we always have enough containers, crates and other RTIs on stock to meet demand.
  • Long term hire: Under this plan you pay a onetime fee that covers your transport item needs over the long term. An annual pool service charge covers access to CC services such as repairs and maintenance.
  • CC Pool fee: To ensure our returnable transport items are always in a good and usable condition, we charge an annual pool fee. This fee covers your use of CC services such as repair and maintenance, and our CC Depot network.

This model makes your investment in CC transport items and the CC Pool System very transparent and low. If your RTI requirements fall over time, you can transfer your unneeded transport items and the corresponding share of the pool fee to another company at their market value. If you suddenly need more RTIs, you can hire them on a short term basis.
Container Centralen began as horticultural industry specialists – and we still are – but today we also serve a wide range of other industries. We have wheeled containers and pallets, trolleys, crates, and other load carriers to cover most needs and products, and we service everyone involved in today’s supply chains. The CC Open Pool System is unique in that it unites diverse companies around a single transportation standard. It also gives you instant access to an international network that makes it easier to distribute your products all over Europe, helping you focus on and grow your core business.

With CC's support, a growing number of clients are seeing increases in efficiency and quality throughout their supply chains. The result is simple: better service, more opportunities, and lower costs.
Joining the CC Pool System is easy. Just contact us for more information and to discuss your needs. And should you already have flower and plant trolleys that are fully compatible with the CC Container, you may be able to have these accepted into the CC Pool System if they meet our quality standards. Contact us to find out more.

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